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A local presence in a growing market


Eastern Europe

We manage our growth such that flexibility remains part of our strengths.

Our strengths are your advantages.


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We consider ourselves a small company, structurally lean but rich in collaborative programs, leverage through quality partnerships, and local market knowledge.


We carefully define and control the scope of our activities. This enables us to plan, focus and deliver custom solutions for individual clients, one at a time.


As a group, together with our partners, we are active in several consumer product distribution channels and listed with key retail chains in both food and non-food departments. We are represented with major pharmaceutical distribution networks and within the HoReCa segment.


We use both niche and major distributors and international logistics partners for our distribution needs.


In support of product marketing and service promotion we use our own advertising system, that we complement in scope or integrate into a broad, coordinated campaign strategy using the major ad market players, their venues and outlets.


Marketing service segments and sectors we focus on:


Brand product marketing in selected target sectors such as food and nutrition, beauty, personal and health care.

This activity is supported by our local distribution system serving the retail industry, supplemented by our distributor and logistics network partners which enable us to reach a national distribution level.


Mass market consumer product marketing and sales, with a focus on personal care and household appliances.

We work with our distributor partners to sell into the major national retail channels. We are active in product sourcing abroad, as we are seeking to establish direct links with foreign product manufacturers, towards the import and distribution of OEM consumer products.


Service and brand promotion and franchising.

We target the food - HoReCa and catering segments. We also act as agents on the Romanian franchising market.



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