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International business development, consulting, marketing and advertising



We assist small and medium-size companies with their international business development efforts and initiatives, launching their products and services in high growth markets.


We provide consulting services and perform business and marketing functions for companies which are in the process of launching, consolidating or expanding their market share in Eastern Europe.



We counsel our clients on local business, service and product marketing opportunities throughout the process of reaching their foreign market growth objectives and full development potential.



Being focused on a local market in the targeted region, we enable our clients not only to monitor the local market developments, but to also design better entry strategies which leverage to their advantage the consumer specificity, cultural traditions and local business practices.


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We consult in the fields of business, sales, marketing and advertisement, predominantly in the sector of consumer goods such as electrical household and personal care appliances, health and hygiene, food industry, nutritional supplements, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.


Based in Romania, we focus on its target geography, with the ability to extend market research and provide solutions applicable to other Eastern-European countries.


We refine and specialize our business contacts, interactions and partnerships within the newest, fast growing local markets in the EU, Romania and Bulgaria.


We foster partnerships with local business and governmental agencies with regulatory oversight of the local markets.


We help companies establish a local presence in the country of Romania by legal representation (creation of a branch or subsidiary) or virtual office.


Our team can help you set up your subsidiary in Romania. We can assist or carry out all the administrative, legal and fiscal steps necessary for registering the company with the local authorities including opening bank accounts, etc.


Depending on the positioning of your product or service offering, we can go from performing agency functions such as facilitating contacts and negotiating on your behalf, to carrying-out the entire sales and marketing cycle.


We can integrate a set of our functions into our client's management structure and communication systems abroad. We can act as your proxy business development, sales and marketing arm, complementing the areas where you wish to engage directly.


We can perform management of resources, information, and business processes. We monitor and act on feedback during the entire product sales cycle, monitor progress indicators and generate market and sales reports.




> Market Research









> Business and Market Development

In both our consulting and marketing capacities we:


Perform market research and competitive analysis
Conduct feasibility and market entry studies
Establish the market positioning and product segmentation

 Design the pricing assessment method and strategy
Design the branding and advertisement strategies

Determine the distribution network and sales channels


In our marketing and operational functions we perform:

Business planning and budgeting, cost analysis
Distribution network and sales channel development
 Business process, resource and information management

 Program and project management

 Franchise, licensing, affiliation development



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