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International business development, consulting, marketing and advertising



We focus on companies which own a branded product, service or technology that are planning to launch into the European market.


We place a particular emphasis, and are actively seeking companies which plan to promote new and innovative marketing concepts, products and services to Eastern-Europe.



We identify the local opportunities and provide the marketing options, plan, expertise and solutions for development. We design comprehensive marketing strategies and campaigns tailored to our clients needs, scope and degree of involvement.



We can also explore options ranging from partnering in the brand promotion aspects, to simply finding an export market for your product or service franchise.



If you have a valuable product or service but are not ready to launch in a new market, we may be interested in promoting it by initiating an export/import trade activity. We can assume full ownership of the marketing, distribution and sales activities.


We provide business planning, marketing and sales service components such as market research and competitive analysis and positioning that include:


Definition of the contractual scope of the project, creation of business plans including research and estimation of business costs.


Implementation and execution of key parts of the planned marketing strategy and campaigns, directly or in collaboration with our partners.


Oversight of the enactment of contracts and implementation of contractual terms with service providers and subcontractors.



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Part of our research, we offer our clients the most adequate choices in business planning, marketing, distribution and sales.


We connect with players in the local market with a proven track record in distribution and sales in the targeted market segments.


We evaluate the competition and map the key players

- products, services and pricing structure

- distribution networks and sales channels

- their promotions and discount structure


We understand the local customer culture.

- We can help customize products (including packaging and literature) in order to obtain the maximum impact and design the most effective advertisement programs.



Our commitment to our marketing clients:



We dedicate a significant amount of development time and resources to our clients that are in the final planning phases of their European market penetration strategy, are interested in using our company for franchising abroad and are actively involved in promoting and supporting the launches of their product and/or service brands to Eastern-Europe.
This implies a strategy model that provides for a starting point in the local geography of one of the Eastern-European countries, such as Romania.

We allocate a substantial amount of marketing resources as well, for the promotion of brands that make the subject of import and procurement activities only, without an active involvement of the brand owner, other than by product pricing and optionally, a general marketing agreement with our company.

Thus we acknowledge that in certain cases a moderate-risk proposition would be an initial engagement in the form of a test marketing or pilot program. If proven successful, this could be a planning contingency, or a preferred path leading to a business presence and incremental expansion into the foreign market.



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