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Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe refers to the 10 countries occupying a historical geo-political space, formerly known as the Eastern Bloc (including the Baltic States).


Together they are home to 102 million people and form the highest growth market inside the EU.



-  If Europe is your long term goal, the time of investing in Eastern Europe is today  -

 2005 Country Population (mil.) Population (% of EU)
Pop. Rank Eastern-Europe (incl Baltic States) 102.30 21.70%
1     Poland 38.10 8.20%
2     Romania 21.60 4.40%
3     Czech Republic 10.30 2.20%
4     Hungary 10.10 2.20%
5     Bulgaria 7.70 1.60%
6     Slovakia 5.40 1.20%
7     Slovenia 2.00 0.40%
  Baltic States    
1     Lithuania 3.40 0.70%
2     Latvia 2.30 0.50%
3     Estonia 1.40 0.30%

Benefits of launching in Eastern Europe - a business and consumer market perspective



After decades marked by centralized economies, social restrictions and market limitations, the current decade in Eastern-Europe is characterized by increasing prosperity and an explosion of demand for a variety of products and services.

A number of major international business, industry and interest groups, ranging from major retail chains, to global financial institutions, to real estate and construction development corporations, have found a fertile ground for expansion, competing in the rush to open new business ventures, development centers, major retail locations, shopping centers, malls, etc.

Increased general population standards of living and new consumer affluence brought a new set of expectations and standards of quality to the Eastern-European nations.

Coupled with a fundamental consumer selectivity and recognition of brand names, these factors make the Eastern-European market an attractive product and service expansion target within Europe.



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